Noompang is a ride sharing social network in Indonesia. We connect people who need to travel with driver on the same destination with available seats. We build your transportation network by friending other member on Noompang. This mechanism assured trust and safety on your journey. By sharing our ride in Noompang, we can increase the efficiency of road transport, saving money on travel, ease up traffic, and reducing pollution in the environment. Noompang creates community in mutualism atmosphere.

Ride sharing social network is a transportation platform that is based on your social circle. We combined your social media accounts to create a choice of transportation network just for you by your preferences. Tell your friends to join Noompang too, so that together we create a better community for the future.

Hey there! Do you know that on average only 2 seats out of 5 are vacant in Jakarta’s registered cars. That number seems worrying don’t you think? That data is what created the hell fury of traffic we lived in today. Here’s another one for you! On average, people who lives in Jakarta spends 2 months on the road for every year they live. Wow, that’s really shorten up your life! So we want you to be part of solution by joining our community.

Here’s a thought, with most people have pretty much the same destination as you, why don’t we share our rides? Let’s start with your surrounding, pretty sure you have friends who will be going in the same direction as yours whether it is going to work, school, shopping, or simply hanging out! Now, let us help you in managing your scheduled ride. Stop hating about traffic and be part of the solution! We will be waiting for you right here!

We offered platform for both long and short distance travel. By sharing your ride, we can ease the burden of travel cost. And hey! While you spend 2 months of each year on the road, why don’t you make it more productive by networking in our shared ride. Perhaps you’ll be able to meet with your future business partner or better yet a future partner in life :). It is a different ride experience after all when you are together with your friends or people that have the same interest as you. So don’t just wait for things to happen, let’s enjoy every opportunity we can have with Noompang! Creating a story in every ride.

Hey there! Tired of a busy day? Or you just simply not in the mood? Well it is fine for us if you just want to stay mum. But hey, in this fast pace life, it is hard to find the quality time to spend with your closed ones. So, why don’t you take advantage of this opportunity to catch up with your friends. Besides they probably know a thing or two about you and can brighten up your mood! Have a nice trip and be happy!

Hey there! Of course you can! Set up a date and pick up-drop off point with your networks and pretty much you can go anywhere! Stop scrolling around and set up your trip now! Enjoy.

Hey, thank you for your interest in Noompang. Let us take you there, so here are your options :

Sign up with email If you prefer this option, all you need to do is type your email address, choose your username (no space), create your own password. Right after, you will receives a link to activate your account. Then, complete your profile by uploading profile picture, institution, and phone number. Right after, you will have the full Noompang community experience. This process will only take 30 seconds of your precious time. So what are you waiting for? Click here to sign up and see you in Noompang!

Sign up with Facebook Connect Want everything to be fast? Choose this option that only takes 2 seconds of your time. Choose the sign up method with Facebook Connect and you don’t need to click any link again in the registration process. Click here to sign up via Facebook and see you soon!

Hey there, of course it is free to sign up! Don’t you worry bout a thing. You only need to pay for your trip expenses and nothing else. Noompang doesn’t charge for membership fee.

Hey, nice to see you! Don’t worry, we’ll get you going.

To sign up, you need to fill in all the credentials : email, username, and password. Signing up via Facebook will make the registration process easier and faster for you.

If the site indicates your email or username already registered, it means you already have an account here. It is not possible to use one email or username for more than one account because we believe everyone is unique and so are you!

If you forgot your password, click on “I’ve forgotten my password” in the sign in window and we’ll lead you to sort this problem out.

If a profile already exists with your facebook credentials or any case that has not been explained. Say hello and we will be happy to communicate with you personally on our Member Relation Team.

Hey there! Honestly we want everyone to joined in but unfortunately Indonesian Laws only allowed you to have your driving license at 17 for cars and 16 for motorcycles. Therefore our policy for minimum driver’s age are the same as the Indonesian regulation.

For passengers, we prefer you already have your own National ID Card (KTP) which means you are at the age of 17 as well. If you are below 17, ask your parent’s approval to join Noompang’s community. If they say yes, we will be more than happy to accommodates you!

Noompang is a trust-based platform. To pick a ride or pick up a rider, you need an approval from them. Let them know you who you are!

The more open you are, the more ride or rider you can get. Let’s start the community!

There are few possible chances:

1. You deactivate your email subscription on your setting. However, you can activate it again. No worries.

2. Check your email spam, probably it’s in there.

3. Maybe you’re just not connected to the internet.

Your mobile phone is secured in our system. Your phone will appear if you have an agreement with the rider or passenger for contacting purpose.

Your phone will not be used for third parties as well. We value our customer and we will keep their privacy for good.

Go to edit profile, find avatar menu on the left side of the page. Upload your picture and click save image.

To build a safety community, we recommend you to upload a clear picture of your face. So other user can see who you are and what you look like!

It’s best to take a picture with the requirement needed, and you can upload it later!

It needs to have empty seats!

Still on its active date

Functionally working

Very excited to see you! Since we are building a mutualism atmosphere, let’s respect one another and be polite. Remember, our community will work when everyone feels comfortable. We did not allow bullying and you will be flagged if someone reports you. Other than that, everything is up to you. You can joke around, create a group chat, and everything else. So enjoy!

It’s simple! Find the (message box) on the top of the window and click on it. After that, just type what you have in mind in the message box. Don’t forget to click send!. And there you go. Chat it away!

We suggest to check your device internet connection first. Make sure the device you’re using is connected to the internet. After you make sure of that, click the refresh button on your browser.

If you are using our mobile application, then please update it to the latest version available on Google Play Store and iOS App Store. If you are still experiencing another problem, don’t hesitate to contact us. We don’t bite.

Go to edit profile, find avatar menu on the left side of the page. Upload your picture and click save image.

Check your internet connection and if you are connected please click the refresh button. If you’re still not able to receive a reply, please contact your correspondent by phone, you can search it in the ride confirmation page. Thank you!

Don’t you worry! Noompang is a ride sharing platform made of trust and safety. You can check your driver profile and see their activity or review.

You can see who’s joining the same ride as you, you can also see their profile to make sure your ride is safe. Noompang also has a facebook authentication, you can go to their facebook page to see other member. Before you travel with another member you can read their profile from their ride experience.

Drivers: Take a good care of your passengers. Drive safely and calmly, remain focus on the road and don’t be careless. Please be on time when picking up your passengers. Don’t pick up too much passengers to ensure passengers comfort on your ride.

Passengers: Carpool is not a taxi, so don’t show up late or cancel at the same day of the travel. Respect the driver and don’t mess the driver’s car.

Always use a seatbelts! Make sure everyone does! Here are another way for you to stay safe:

I’m a passenger

  • Offer to share the wheel, if you have a licence
  • Talk with the driver, but don’t distract.
  • Put your luggage in the boot

I’m a driver

  • Don’t open your phone! It's dangerous to text while driving.
  • If you feel sleepy, ask the rider to share the wheel or you can take a nap first and then continue your ride
  • Make sure your vehicle is insured
  • Respect all the traffic laws.
  • Check your vehicle before the ride, such as car tyres, oil, fuel, brakes, window wiper.

Your can ask your passengers about the ride cost agreement. Your passenger should give you the money via bank account or cash, it depends on your agreement with the passengers

You passengers will give the money after the ride has been completed. But some passengers prefer to give the money at the very beginning of the ride.

You’ll be charge once your booking has been accepted by the driver!

There are no service fee! Because right now we focus on creating the community bigger.

Later, service fees exist to help cover the costs of keeping Noompang up and running for our members. By charging service fees, we can employ a highly motivated team to make Noompang experience even better for our community.

Make sure you have the right number. Noompang shows passangers number when you accepted their join request.

Still no luck? Hiks, we’re sorry. If there’s still some time before your ride leaves, then it might be worth waiting a bit to see if they get back to you. With different work/life schedules, it takes some people longer than others.

If you’re worried that your ride is approaching, you can cancel their booking and report that they’re unreachable. Their seat will be available for another passenger to book.

It happens, but we know how disappointing it can be. That’s why we trying to make Noompang better so you that won’t be last minute cancel.

You can just find a trash can icon and click it. It only take a minute to delete or cancel your ride.

This would be easier if you don’t have any passengers. If you have, please let them know ASAP so they can find another alternative ride.

Oh no, make sure you have the right number. Noompang shows driver’s number when they accepted your join request.

Still no luck? Hiks, we’re sorry. If there’s still some time before your ride leaves, then it might be worth waiting a bit to see if they get back to you. With different work/life schedules, it takes some people longer than others.

If you’re worried that your ride is approaching, you can cancel their booking and report that they’re unreachable. Their seat will be available for another passenger to book.

You can cancel your booking by request the driver to cancel your booking. We know how quickly plans change, just cancel your booking as soon as you can. It’s easier for everyone. Let the driver know so they have the chance to make another empty seats.

It’s a must for driver to let you know about the trip. Always make sure that you keep in touch with the driver so this problem won’t happen.

You can access it via available web browser on your phone and just go to

We are still developing our mobile application! It will come up very soon! Just keep in touch with us